My story

My name is Chelsey! I am a fashion enthusiast, a crafter extraordinaire wannabe? Nursing student (soon to be nurse!!) a daughter, sister, friend and hopefully someday…. drum roll please a wife and a mother and I’m a Mormon I love to spend my free time with friends and family and scouring pinterest for new ideas to enrich my life, home, beauty routine, and oh ya of course waste a lot of time! I love to take pictures of things around me and to stand in awe of the beauty around me. Some days it is majestic mountains stretching to the sky; other days it is a picture of my baby cousin sleeping. I am perfectly imperfect but I tend to think imperfections are what make us that much closer to perfection and beauty; AND being able to admit them makes us able to connect and relate to those around us and form relationships which to me is the most perfect and beautiful thing of all. I consider my life to be a beautiful mess…full of beautiful and ugly moments, encounters that are sweet or encounters that are bitter,  proving and unproving experiences, trials and triumphs and all together it’s a mess but what a beautiful mess it is and I am determined to make my mess be a more happy and beautiful one! So welcome to my HAPPY blog. Now I am going to warn you… I am not one of those people who sugar coat things when I am sad I will most likely post about it. But I am determind to think of at least ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR Ok FIVE wonderfully happy things about my life no matter what the day was like! I hope you are having a wonderful day and won’t you stay awhile?


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